As SWGSTAIN assembles and/or generates materials as a part of its activities, these items will be provided here as they become available for the use of the bloodstain pattern community. Suggestions for potential materials and/or projects should be directed to the SWGSTAIN Chair.

Public Position Documents
Response to the NAS Report

Legal Admissibility Resources

Admissibility Resource Kit

Research Resources


Research Needs

Guidance Documents

Topics to Consider in Preparation for an Admissibility Hearing on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Guidelines for the Minimum Education and Training Requirements For Bloodstain Pattern Analysts

Guidelines for a Quality Assurance Program in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Recommended Terminology

Guidelines for Developing Standard Operating
Procedures for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
and its related Appendix.

Guidelines for Proficiency Testing in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Guidelines for the Validation of New Procedures in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Guidelines for Report Writing in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.

Educational Model for Introductory Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Training.

Questions concerning draft documents should be directed to the SWGSTAIN Chair and/or directly to the Chair of the SWGSTAIN Subcommittee developing an individual draft document.

It should be noted that this website does not include SWGSTAIN documents that are in the first stages of subcommittee development. Because these preliminary documents have yet to be subjected to their first bylaw required review by the full SWGSTAIN membership, they have not yet achieved draft status and therefore are not listed here. Questions concerning these preliminary documents should be directed to the SWGSTAIN Chair.


Additional Resources

In addition to documents and work product generated by SWGSTAIN, additional resources are also available through the link below. These resources are not the product of, nor necessarily endorsed by, SWGSTAIN and are provided here for informational purposes as a service to the bloodstain pattern community. If you have any materials that may be suitable for inclusion on this page, please contact the SWGSTAIN Chair.