Research Subcommittee
This subcommittee has been tasked with
strengthening the discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis by promoting and nuturing sound scientific research. To this end, we invite you to contact the Research Subcommittee Chair regarding your research interests.

Current Membership

The Research Subcommittee is chaired by Michael Illes of Trent University.

The other subcommittee members are Iris Dalley of Bevel, Gardner & Associates, Karla De Bruin of the Netherlands Forensic Institute, Celine Nicloux of the Institut de Recherche Criminelle de la Gendarmerie Nationale, Michael Taylor of the Institute of Environmental Science and Research in New Zealand, and Brian Yamashita of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Task List

Establish a research database
Disseminate relevant research information
Identify research priorities
Facilitate research and development

Draft Documents

In accordance with the SWGSTAIN Bylaws, Section VI (D), any approved SWGSTAIN draft document or work product must be offered for public comment. Comments made in writing will be formally addressed by the appropriate SWGSTAIN Subcommittee and the response(s) published using Any positive feedback and/or constructive criticism should be directed to the Research Subcommittee Chair. Prior to reviewing a SWGSTAIN draft document, please review the Introductory Note prepared by SWGSTAIN that describes the intent and objectives of its peer review process. The following Training and Education Subcommittee documents are available for public peer review:

[Currently no Draft Documents are available]

Guidance Documents

[Currently no Guidance Documents are available]


A listing of relevant publications by topic

Research Needs

A listing of research needs for the discipline of bloodstain pattern analysis