Training and Education

This subcommittee has been tasked with developing guidelines for the basic educational and training requirements for practicing bloodstain pattern analysts and the basic content of specialized training courses in BPA.

Current Membership

The chair of this subcommittee is Jon Forsythe, Senior Policy Analyst for the RCMP Integrated Forensic Identification Services.

The other subcommittee members are Leah Innocci of the Wyoming State Crime Laboratory, Gillian Leak of Principal Forensic Services Ltd., Kevin Winer of the Kansas City Missouri Police Crime Laboratory, and Toby Wolson of the Miami-Dade Police Department Forensic Services Bureau.

Task List

Resources and references
Personnel qualification
Levels/Areas/Topics B Scope and depth
Instructor qualifications
Continuing education/training
Peer reviewer qualifications

Draft Documents

In accordance with the SWGSTAIN Bylaws, Section VI (D), any approved SWGSTAIN draft document or work product must be offered for public comment. Comments made in writing will be formally addressed by the appropriate SWGSTAIN Subcommittee and the response(s) published using Any positive feedback and/or constructive criticism should be directed to the Training and Education Subcommittee Chair. Prior to reviewing a SWGSTAIN draft document, please review the Introductory Note prepared by SWGSTAIN that describes the intent and objectives of its peer review process. The following Training and Education Subcommittee documents are available for public peer review:

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In accordance with the SWGSTAIN Bylaws, Section VI (E), the following Training and Education Subcommittee draft document(s) have been offered for public peer review and are currently in the process of final ratification and/or awaiting publication as a SWGSTAIN Guidance Document(s):

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Public Comment Responses for Educational Model for Introductory BPA Training

Guidance Documents

Guidelines for the Minimum Education and Training Requirements For Bloodstain Pattern Analysts

Educational Model for Introductory Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Training