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Educational Model for Introductory Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Training.

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The mission of SWGSTAIN is to promote and
enhance the development of quality forensic
bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) practices
through the collaborative efforts of
government forensic laboratories, law
enforcement, private industry, and academia.

Through its membership, SWGSTAIN seeks to:

1. Discuss, share and compare stain pattern analysis methods, protocols, and research for the enhancement of forensic bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) techniques.
2. Design and encourage the implementation by practitioners of a quality assurance program in bloodstain pattern analysis and to advise the forensic bloodstain pattern analysis community of emerging quality assurance issues.
3. Discuss and share strategies for presenting bloodstain pattern information to meet Frye, Daubert, or other jurisdictional admissibility challenges.
4. Address the development and/or validation of forensic bloodstain pattern analysis methods.
5. Design and encourage the adoption of guidelines to insure the quality of specialized training in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis.

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